Thursday, March 5, 2009

Response to the neo-conservatives

What follows is my response to a request I received via e-mail to sign a petition calling for the GOP leadership to return to "true conservatism". Though harsh; you do not have the benefit of reading the context of this request. I found it to be an insult to my intelligence and my knowledge of history.

Attention Sender:
Do not EVER, and I mean EVER send me another piece of propaganda filled with neo-conservative drivel. Any group that consistently praises that fat, treasonous, destructive windbag Limbaugh would be wise not to send me any more of their garbage. Your HERO should be deported for some of his recent statements. He loves to portray himself as a patriot. A true patriot is one who defends and works to better his country. Limbaugh does nothing but attempt to tear down anything that does not coincide with his pathological ideologies. The fact that he publicly stated that he hoped the President and his plans failed is testimony to the fact that he does not have his country's best interests in mind. WOW-what a patriot!!

What makes your little campaign even more detestable is the fact that you refer to Ronald Reagan as a hero as well. He was a puppet! Many of his former aides and cabinet members have said as much. He was almost completely unaware of the content of his speeches and he played little to no role in the policy making. Do any of you whackos do your homework? Like the Rash; you ramble on about the dangers posed by Liberals, Democrats, and even Republicans who don't adhere to your pitiful, antiquated ideals. You manage to do all this without a shred of emperical data. Well, here's a little slice for you. At the time when Reagan was first elected; the deficit stood at $955 billion-due largely in part to Carter's desire to be viewed as a worldwide ambassador while neglecting domestic issues (sound familiar?). At the end of the 12 years of Reagan and Bush, the deficit had risen to $4 trillion. GW inherited a $256 billion surplus and turned that into a $1.3 tillion deficit. Nice job Boys!!

One would think that the last three elections (presidential and congressional) would tell you nuts that America has grown tired of your rhetoric along with your results.We actually care about one another; unlike the fat one. He truly has a problem with contradictions from one speech to another. In one, he states that the government is not here to provide for its citizens; that we should all be self-sufficient (a humanitarian as well as a patriot). In his next speech, he states that a true conservative is one who sees the potential in everyone and helps them to achieve their goals. Well, which one is it? God forbid we allocate money for such trivial things as the environment, education, and social issues-areas your HERO is opposed to.

One final note: He warned of the danger of regulation in any industry. Good call Rash-that worked out well for the banking industry. And please don't bother me with that nonsense about allowing them to go under. All that does is eradicate any available credit which translates into no new home sales, no credit cards (great for the economy), and no start-up money for small businesses. Who do you suppose suffers with that scenario? Is that patriotism-I'm confused? Both of my grandfathers fought in the First World War. My father, father-in-law, and six uncles fought in the Second World War. Numerous friends and former co-workers are veterans of the Viet Nam War. So don't you dare wave the flag in my face because I have seen patriots and you and your leader de facto are not them. He constantly refers to his 20 million listeners-I wonder if he is aware of the number who listen for the entertainment value only. Everyone loves a clown!

Dean Connor
Politically Independent Patriot

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