Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time To Wipe That Egg Off Your Face DICK!! Pt.2

In mid-January of this year; I stood on a hill and watched as George W. Bush rode silently into the sunset-back to his beloved Texas. As I waved goodbye, excitedly, I suddenly noticed something that disturbed me greatly. There was only one horse! “Come back George”, I screamed, “You forgot something.” Unfortunately, he was too far away and couldn’t hear me. He continued to ride, while leaving behind the biggest ass this country has ever seen. While our former president has remained relatively obscure, with the exception of an interview or two; one in which he stated he couldn’t recall ANY mistake he had made (OK George-keep riding)-DICK Cheney has continued to be a very large pain in my ass. With assistance from his daughter; he has consistently blustered about the benefits of such things as torture and the ignoring of the 4th Amendment. All the while; his conservative sheep hang on his every word. Get on the goddamn horse DICK!

In an excellently written article yesterday; my friend guitarman called for all of us to attempt to see both sides of the aisle. With sincere apologies to my buddy; I can’t do that in this particular article. Though I am in complete agreement with him; when it comes to Cheney, my disdain for the man far outweighs my desire to refrain from partisan commentary. However, I will take this opportunity to voice a bipartisan opinion (emphasis on “opinion”) regarding the current circus taking place on the Hill concerning this “secretive” CIA program. Yesterday, my conservative friend scotty starnes( and I do consider him to be a friend) contended that this program was exposed in 2002 in the NY Times. That assertion is refuted in an article in today’s Washington Post: “The program was active in fits and starts, and it was essentially killed in 2004 because it was deemed ineffective, former and current intelligence officials said. It reemerged briefly in 2005 but remained largely dormant until this year.” I am of the opinion (again, opinion) that the Democrats are making “much ado about nothing.” Though I don’t subscribe to the theory that this is a way to detract attention away from Nancy Pelosi; I do believe it is merely another case of political chest thumping. The fact of the matter is that this program has never been considered “fully operational” (whatever that means) and has not produced a single success story. This appears to me to be more of an indictment against the effectiveness of our intelligence community than it does of any deception. Grow up Congress! Our country is going down the toilet and you’re engaging in pissing contests.

OK-back to DICK. I have often fantasized about Cheney extolling the virtues of torture in a small venue filled with former POWs from the Vietnam War. Clearly, my fantasies have been a bit altered from the ones I had in my teens, 20s, and even 30s. (Whoa; a vision of Angie Dickinson just popped into my head-whew!) There have been Cheney disciples who have contended that “waterboarding” is nothing more than pouring water over someone’s head. Anyone who has had the misfortune of witnessing a “waterboarding” session will tell you that it is a hell of a lot more than that. Morons! This point may prove to be a moot one given the very real possibility that a special prosecutor will soon be named to investigate this topic. In an article in NEWSWEEK entitled "INDEPENDENT’S DAY: Obama Doesn’t Want To Look Back, But Attorney General Eric Holder May Probe Bush-Era Torture Anyway": it describes the difficult position Holder finds himself. Torn between his allegiance to Obama (which shouldn’t even be part of the equation) and his pledge to uphold the law’s of the country; Holder has been hesitant to pull the trigger. However; after carefully reviewing all of the CIA tapes available-many claim his decision has been made. Bad news for Bush and the boys! From the NEWSWEEK article: “As he pored over reports and listened to briefings, he became increasingly troubled. There were startling indications that some interrogators had gone far beyond what had been authorized in the legal opinions issued by the Justice Department, which were themselves controversial. (DUH-look out John Yoo) He told one intimate that what he saw ‘turned my stomach’”. Given Holder’s past history as a rather strict judge and one who didn’t hesitate to dole out severe punishments; my guess is that he witnessed a little more than waterboarding.

As I said; the past couple of weeks haven’t been kind to DICK. The Inspector General has determined that the 8 year long wiretapping program was proven to be ineffective at best. Forget the fact that this program pissed all over our rights protected by the 4th Amendment. Cheney, in his infinite wisdom, has insisted that this program was invaluable in the battle against terrorism. Time to pull your pants up DICK-bagged AGAIN! This revelation begs the question: What was the price tag for this useless program? The conservatives have justifiably complained about the excessive spending by the Obama administration. I haven’t heard of any complaints voiced by them regarding this example of excessive spending by the previous administration. This is not to say that Obama’s programs have been productive-they haven’t been but let’s be careful with the hypocrisy. From what I can see: Obama certainly inherited a lousy situation but he has done little to improve it and has, in fact, exacerbated it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t address one more thing my conservative friend commented on yesterday. He had the audacity to compare Cheney’s deceit with that of Joe Biden’s. I have no intention of going to bat for Biden but I do have two questions. 1) Has Biden’s deceit ever resulted in the denial of a state’s right to sovereignty? 2) Has Biden’s deceit ever resulted in the death of over 3,400 Americans? I challenge anyone to refute the notion that DICK played a crucial role in our invasion of Iraq. His “vision” for the Middle East (see Pt.1) along with his role in deceiving all Americans were both major contributors to our entering into a war we had no business being in. There were no WMDs! Iraq posed no threat to the U.S.! No ties between Iraq and al Qaeda have ever been established!

In closing; I confess that my perception of Cheney may be construed as obsessive. The very sight of this vile creature ignites my long forgotten violent tendencies. I am left with the hope that Holder’s investigation comes to fruition and this blight to our history is finally held accountable for his criminal acts. With any luck; he can continue his pontificating from the confines of Leavenworth where he is sure to see the “benefits” of real torture. Don’t even try to deny me this fantasy! Thanks for listening.

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